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                                  SUBJECT: SCIENCE
          WORK SHEET
  1) A major method by which transport of materials occurs in a single celled organism is known as
  a) Diffusion b) osmosis c) both a) and b) d) none of these
  2) Transpiration
  a) Produces a cooling effect which helps in preventing hot sunlight
  b) Results in transport of water and minerals from the soil to the leaves
  c) Both a) and b)
  d) None of these
  3) For circulation of blood there are two system of pipes
  a) 1 large, 1 small meeting at a central pumping station
  b) 1 left , 1 to the right both meeting at a central pumping station
  c) Both of a) & b )
  d) All the above
  4) Veins lie closer to
  a) Surface of heart b) surface of thigh c) surface   to the skin and can be seen as greenish blue lines .d) none of these
  5) Pulse rate can be measured by
  a) Manually by feeling the pulse on the wrist
  b) Feeling the pumping of heart
  c) Using an instrument called stethoscope
  d) None of these

    Match the following

  1) A technique of separating small molecules from larger ones using a semipermiable membrane
  2) The pulse rate can be measured by using an instrument called .
  3) Each kidney consist of a large number of coiled tubes called.
  4) Pipes for transport in man
  5) A living pump .
  6) Excretion of carbon dioxide and water vapour produced during respiration is done in .
  7) The process of removal of waste product

  1) Excretion 2) lungs 3) Heart 4) Arteries & Veins 5) Dialysis          
  6) Nephrones 7) Stethoscope

  Name the following

  1) In spirogyra transport of materials takes place by this process.
  2) It is the process of getting rid of waste materials in living beings
  3) These are the substances in RBC that link up with oxygen
  4) It helps...


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