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Mother Teresa - Essay 4

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Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa was born on 26th Aug 1910 in Yugoslavia and her name was Agnes Bojaxhiu. She became a nun at the age of 18.   She came to India as a teacher to teach in convent schools. Later, she decided to serve the poor seeing their plight, the destitute, the dying and helpless.
She became an Indian Citizen in 1948.   In 1950, she established the famous Missionaries of Charities.   Later many homes, schools, hospitals, for the poor and homeless were opened in India and Foreign countries.   Now, the Missionaries of Charities has 160 centres in India alone.   It has its branches in over 105 countries.

For her service, dedication and love for mankind, she was given many awards, prizes, honours and titles, including the Nobel Prize and Bharata Ratna.   She was far above these, but accepted them in much humility.   By rewarding her actually we rewarded ourselves.   She was prayer in action and reminded of the Buddha because of her limitless compassion, service and faith in humanity.

It is a matter of great honour and pride that she chose Calcutta and India as the place of her work and activities.   She passed away on Friday the 5th Sep 1997 in Calcutta.   In the death of this angel, mercy and compassion, mankind became poorer.   It was a black Friday for millions of Indians and the people of the world.   The poor and the weak, the destitute and the unwanted became orphans with her passing away.

Hope India will get more such souls that will uplift the poor and the weak, the destitute and the unwanted.


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