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Death of Hector

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Close Textual Analysis of Book 22 of The Iliad (The Death of Hector)


Conditions of Assessment
➢ This CTA – in essay format – was done in two hours, under test conditions, in the unit Classical Literature, in Semester 2 2009
➢ The students did not know which part of The Iliad they would receive for the CTA – it was an edited version of the whole of book 22 – on two pages
➢ Spelling has been corrected, and some expression tidied up

Strong features of this response:
➢ Language register
➢ Use of quotation
➢ Sophistication of ideas
➢ Discusses all required elements – language, plot, characterisation and themes
➢ Knowledge of the whole text, while concentrating on the extract

Homer’s Book 22 of The Iliad explores the characterisation of Hector, Achilles and the gods in respect to glory, war and fate.   Language, especially the characteristic style and structure of Homeric composition, exemplifies the themes, plot and character development.   The Death of Hector typifies the attitudes of Mycenaean Greek culture as this book explores the heroic nature of this society, especially when the archetypal heroes are involved in one-on-one warfare, as demonstrated by Achilles killing Hector.   Throughout the epic, Homer explored many themes, including the glory of war, military values over family and longevity, and the role of gods in the lives of men.   This particular extract is significant in the overall context of the epic as it gives an insight into Mycenaean society, their customs and their way of life.   The death of Hector is not merely the death of one hero, it is Homer exploring aspects of ancient Greek society, through his use of the following factors:   plot movement, character development, themes and writing style and structure.

Book 22 explores and exemplifies the glory and importance of war in ancient Greek society.   This theme is strengthened and created successfully through the use of language, the plot itself and the development of...


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