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Why Does People Live Longer ?

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As the industrialization evolution occurs everywhere, people’s living conditions are improved considerably. The development of technology in science and the discovery of vaccines help(ed) cure people of diseases.
There are many more hospitals and better heath care services. These are the answer to that question.

Firstly, nowadays, people are having a better life. We live in houses that have air-conditioning and other good facilities, so we can live in comfort every time.
We do not only have enough food, but even much better, we can choose the food we want. We have cars to travel and planes to go to other places much more easily. And the most impressive thing is that we have so many recreational programmers to entertain ourselves.

Secondly, the progress in technology brings about greater chances of staying alive for someone who has a serious disease. Moreover, now that we have vaccine to prevent diseases and, medicines to cure ill people.
A healthy person also has chance to take advantage of high technology to become healthier.

Lastly, we have better health care services. There are more and more hospitals available everywhere. Ill people can get help anytime they want, and as quickly as they need.

Some people thinks that today people have to suffer the pollution in the environment so then our health becomes worse. But they cannot deny the truth that people now are   living a longer life in comparison to the past, because we are having a higher living conditions, technological developments and so many more available health care services.


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