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In Order to Make Ourselves Happy, We Should Learn How to Make Others Happy First.

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Although the concept of happiness has a different meaning for each individual, people always try to achieve a satisfied level of happiness during their lives. Others believe that happiness is the moments they spend with their families whereas others believe that having a successful career leads to happiness. Personally, I believe that making others happy does not always guarantee our happiness.

To start with, sometimes we try hard to satisfy others in order to make them happy. For example, my cousin's dream was to become a teacher since she was 5 years old. Nevertheless, her parents wanted her to become a doctor. They were always trying to persuade her that being a doctor would offer her a prestige in the society and a high salary. Although she never liked this idea, she studied very hard for the admission exams at the medicine school because of her parents' pressure at her. She succeeded at her exams and became a doctor which made her parents proud of her and very happy but she never forgot her dream. Despite all the hard work all these years and the high paid job that she currently has, she is missing something important that would made her happy.

Another reason that is worth mentioning is that most of the times laughter is associated with happiness which is not true. Some people laugh all the time although they may hide their true feelings that may be sadness and disappointment. This happens often because they do not want to express their real emotions to others. For example, my best friend Lucy is a person that always laugh but she is not always happy. She just love to make other people laugh. For instance, 2 months ago she broke up with her boyfriend and was really very sad and disappointed about it. Despite this, when we went out with other friends, she started telling jokes and if I didn't already know anything about her sadness, I would never know that she was crying inside her.

At final consideration, making others happy does not lead always to...


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