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Reservation a Bane

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"RESERVATION   A   BANE"                                  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            BY ASHA CHIKODI

At an athelatic meet in a village a funny notice read "All STs SCs and OBCs need to run only 50 meters and others have to run 100 meters." This jesting notice almost seem to be true CBSE board exam. To my utter surpise one half of the class consisting of 45 students became either SC or ST overnight, when the teacher explained what it meant.
What reservations are we talking off ? Well, if it is for the handicapped it is a must. But not those based on the caste and religion. We sing the thoughts of unity and nationalism during our schooling and then grow up to fight for our religion and caste.
The reason which is causing disunity and discrimination in India is "preference and priority". "Preference and Priority", also named as "reserved seats" is the one which is disuniting us.
During the era of constitution making, India had a divesed and discriminatig population. SCs and STs were thrown out of education and Bhramans were given an outstanding education. women were confined to the four walls of their house and men to their ancestorel occupation.
But in the present senario India is no longer a diversed and discriminating country, but only diversed. No longer SCs and STs are denied education and a particular group of people thrown to slums. Everyone is terming and calculating a man in terms of his education.
Earlier on reserved seats were introduced to promote education, but now nearly everyone is going to schools and colleges except those unlucky suffering from poverty, those having broken homes, those having no facilities or access to educationl institutions. I perceive the term "reserved seats " as "unwanted". This...


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