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Is Brutus a Hero or a Villain?

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Maranda Kenney
Mr. Carney
English 2
November 27, 2011
                                          Is Brutus a Hero or a Villain?
Brutus is facing a very major conflict about loyalty. His struggle is, does he keep his loyalty to his friend or his loyalty to his country? He must decide what his true feelings are for Caesar and must not let anyone influence what he truly feels about him. He is a hero, but he was also involved in Caesars murder but that does not make him a true villain. After the audience hears his motives for being involved with Caesars murder they find him to be a hero.
Brutus’s big conflict is either obeying his friendship for Caesar or doing what the public really wanted him to do. He is very well respected in rome and is known as a very loyal person so he really does not want to let the public down in any way. Everybody in the public knows that he is great friends with Caesar so what he decides to do is a bit shocking. Brutus is then approached by Cassius who pretends to be his friend so that he will join him in the plot to get rid of Caesar.
Brutus’s decision is to kill Caesar for mostly the public. He plans the assassination of Caesar with Cassius and a few romans. The all claimed that it was for the good of Rome and had to be done sooner then later. In the mix of planning the assassination, Brutus does feel guilty and goes back and fourth about if he wanted to go threw with the assassination or not. But in the end he agrees with the public   and continues to plan Caesars murder. When Caesar arrives at the capitol that day, the people involved stab Caesar all at once, except Brutus. But then once Caesar see’s Brutus he stumbles over to him for help and thats when Brutus stabs him. Once stabbed from Brutus he says “Et tu, Brute?” meaning you too Brutus? After he says those words to Brutus Caesar is dead.
After the assasination many Romans questioned why he had even been involved in Caesars murder. Brutus’s responds to the crowd...


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