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“the New World” Comparative Analysis

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“The New World” directed by Terrence Malik is a movie about the first explorers to the Americas. It is about the early settlers who first colonized in Jamestown, Virginia. The movie and the stories by John Smith are mainly about him and his men in the colonies. They express the views of John Smith and his story of the colonies in early times. The stories and the movie are about the same events and same people, but are conveyed in different ways. The movie doesn’t show the detail and factual events occurring as the book portrays.
The movie “The New World” has many similarities and differences versus the stories by John Smith. Some of the similarities in both the movie and the stories, John Smith was on an explorer’s ship on route to find a faster trade route to India. John Smith was a very important figure in the colonies, he was a great leader and one of the first colonists to successfully communicate and trade with the Natives. John Smith was portrayed as the ambassador of the Englishmen to the Natives. He started off as an explorer with the expedition and climbed in ranks to leader or president of the colony. John was and other colonists were left in the Americas to learn more about the land and Natives and build a colony for the English.   In both the movie and the stories in the book these facts are the identical. John Smith makes contact with the Natives in hopes of trade and knowledge. He has a hard time in the beginning; they are perceived as invaders by the Natives and are not welcomed. John Smith eventually gets captured by the Natives and learns their ways. He shows them that he is there for a peaceful mission and is not there to capture their land or resources. Eventually the Natives accept John Smith and the colonist temporarily for trade. The colonist were having a hard time adapting to the Americas, they didn’t have resources and were dying of disease and famine. The Natives in kind gesture provided the colonist with clothing, fur, food, and other...


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