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The Truth About Pitbulls

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I. Brief History of the American Pitbull Terrior
    A. The breed was actually created in the 19th century.   England, Ireland and Scotland began experimenting with crosses between bulldogs and terriers.
B. The first APBT was registed by the founder of the United Kennel Club.   This organization was established in 1898.
II. Uses for the Breed
    A. They were first used to bait bulls and bears. . They would later be used for ratting when baiting bulls and bears was deemed inhumane.  
    B. The breed was used also used during WWI and WWII as a way of delivering messages on the battlefield.
    C. Introduction to Sergeant Stubby
    D.         The decline of the breed
III. Behavior Traits
    A. Loyal to friends and family, they breed can be the best family dog you will ever find, because of all the negative media, people tend to be afraid of them.
    B. The UKC says that “aggressive behavior is uncharacteristic of the breed and is highly undesirable.”
IV. Temperament Testing
    A. The American Temperament Testing Society shows an 86% passing rate for the breed.   Intro to other breed stats.
    B. They have a high prey drive and usually have a very high need for exercise.
    C. Although they are my favorite breed by far along with many class mate, the breed is NOT for everyone!   Please do your research before picking ANY pet for your household.   Animals ARE NOT disposable.   They should be member of your family.   You take care of them, they will take care of you!

V. Class Experiment
    A. 46 students, faculty and staff of Hocking were polled.   Out of the surveys from our class, only ONE person thought the breed should be banned.
    B. Continuing on with results of the survey
If only people would do their research and have the ability to only form opinions based on facts, and not the falsities that are out there, this world would be...


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