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Scouts Dream

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Scouts Dream.

Blurred images floated around scouts hear. It was a dark night as fog floated about the empty road, not a cat in site nor any tumble weed. Scout was alone. She felt a chill slowly creep up her spine, something was not right and she could feel it. Yet Scout kept walking, something pulling her to the jail. It was as if she was hypnotized. And there In the distance she saw it.
Gothic, haughty, sitting tall; its fantasy heightened by its red brick façade complete with thick steel bared windows. The jail stood wedged between Tyndals hardware store and the Maycomb office, casting a looming shadow upon the ground. As Scout inched up the sidewalk she saw it, A solitary light burning in the short distance. Underneath the bare light sat Atticus. Calmly folding his new paper and pushing back his hat. Farther on she heard a shout. Scout tried call our to him, he seemed not to hear her. Suddenly the image before her shifted.

Glued to the same spot on the ground, Scout blinked and rubbed her eyes. There stood Atticus standing in the middle an empty street. He was pushing up his glasses. Completely and utterly unnerved, Scout started to run to him; the faster she ran the farther he became. The darkness around her seemed to whisper jeers, and sneers . Distorted voices she couldn’t recognize. Then Scout saw it, the face of Walter Cunningham. It was his alright, yet it was not; his very eyes glowed a fiery red straight from hell itself, it was an evil.

Behind him, faces of shadow. Scout squinted to see when a light revealed solid shapes advancing toward her father. At that moment with a Scout realized with a crushing agony that she could not make it to him just as he was slowly swallowed by the darkness. Leaving behind a ghost of his smile, that etched itself into Scouts mind. It had been the last thing she had seen before her bone chilling, blood curdling scream filled the air.

Scout awoke.


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