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Pedagogical Faculty
Department of English Language and Literature

Essay – Xenophobia
(Basis for the credit the subject of writing)

Presented by: Morgan Craig Alan, M.A.
Developed by: Eliška Holzknechtová
Study: English language – Pedagogy
Year: 1. full, winter semester



  * global problem which shouldn’t be overlooked
  * dictionary definition
  * it’s natural for humans
  * it occurs everywhere


  * it becomes very dangerous, while it involves large group of people
  * it starts quietly
  * it can grows in ideologies (Nazism, racism…)
  * reason to xenophobia – dissatisfaction with life, it’s psychological problem
  * future – multicultural education, it’s on a good way


  * today’s defending
  * exploring differences of other people
  * enrichment of our world, future

The more I wander through the world and the more I met people from other countries, the more I come to indisputable fact, that xenophobia is a global problem, which shouldn’t be overlooked. In the past, this issue has caused many problems, but it still seems to me it isn’t taken seriously enough. According to the dictionary xenophobia is "fear of strangers or foreigners or of anything foreign or unknown or hatred for unfamiliar or foreign." In particular, it’s important to realize, that xenophobia is part of each of us and that the xenophobic tendencies or prejudices will probably never be completely eliminated. The manifestation of racial discrimination occurs in the labour market, in the provision of services and also in the field of education. Unknown commonly raises concern.
This tendency, however, can become very dangerous, while involves large groups of people. Most often we can hear about xenophobia in relation to other ethnic groups, different cultures, often directed at the followers of other religions, people with different sexual orientation, or...


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