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Anthony Robert "Tony" Kushner (born 16 July 1956) is an American playwright and screenwriter
Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1993 for Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes

Angels in America
New York City , mid-1980s,
Closeted Homosexual with druggy Wife,   Gay with Aids, Closeted gay lawyer with AIDS who tries to hide it to save reputation

Kushner , New York, Jewish, Columbia University, NYU
Young life- Involved in Co-directing many other plays

Kushner's plays and screenplays are often a departure from typical Realism, experimenting with conventional storytelling by using shorter episodes. For example, the Angels in America plays together contain almost 50 scenes.

Angels in America at 20 years
Plunge into the darkness, and you flail around and you try and understand things, and recuperate some meaning from the overwhelming chaos of the world, and then share that with the audience, and the audience, with its enormously complicated dialogue with the people on stage, and the audience as surrogates for the whole world outside the theater. The actors of course don’t live in the theater so everybody brings the events of the day of the moment and engage in this hugely complicated conversation while the play is on stage and that is where meaning is to be found. All the audience members will have their own interpretation of the play, but that there are few moments that hold themes that everyone finds common ground, that you are all getting something essential at the same time, "most thrilling thing that happens in theater"

Syntax in the tempest
• Antithesis
○ A proposition that is the diametric opposite of some other proposition
○ A rhetorical device by which two contrasting ideas are juxtaposed in parallel form
• Juxtaposition
○ The nearness of objects with no delimiter.
○ An absence of linking elements in a group of words that are listed together.
• Asyndeton
○ A stylistic scheme in which...


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