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Venezuela Culture Economics

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Venezuela is home to a rich culture consisting of a prideful population, beautiful land, and historic traditions. Located on the northern coast of South America, Venezuela offers a scenic coast line of the Caribbean to the north and part of the tropical Amazon Jungle in the south. On the western part of the country is the rise of the Andes Mountains and the Guiana Highlands lie to the east (The World & Its Peoples, 1966).

The country provides an array of physical beauty which amazes natives and visitors alike. Aside from its gorgeous scenery Venezuela also is overflowing with natural resources that the rest of the international community is quick to get at. Unfortunately recent threats to the land, people, and government have ravished the country into near destruction (Duarte, Ettkin, Helms, Anderson, 2006).
Descriptive Features

Historical Background:

The notorious Christopher Columbus stumbled upon the coast of Venezuela in 1498 upon his third voyage to the Americas, but it wasn’t until Americo Vespucci explored the new world in 1528 that Venezuela received the state name that identifies it to this day (Moron. 1965) Vespucci, called this beautiful land “little Venice,” or Venezuela, for its striking resemblance to Venice at the time (Duarte, Ettkin, Helms & Anderson, 2006).

Unfortunately for the natives of Venezuela, there is no written history before Spanish conquest. Germans were sent by Charles V of Spain to establish settlements and develop the area, in order to repay a debt. Instead they demoralized all European explorers by enslaving the natives and greedily searched for gold, pearls, and any other treasures the land was thought to hold, including El Dorado, the lost city of gold. Finally their grant was revoked, and the Spanish resumed their efforts to settle the area. However, they were now met with much native resistance.

With brutal success they eventually established many missionaries, and towns, which then became centers for piracy and...


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