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Bitterness of Sweet

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The sunlight reflected through the glass window and brightened my bedroom as I pulled the curtains open. It felt good to sense the heat of summer after nine months of school. I glanced outside the window,
daydreaming of what fun would bring to three months of summer vacation. I had to put everything on pause
when I heard loud knocks on my bedroom door.
          “The door isn’t locked!” I shouted loud enough that everyone in my neighborhood could hear. The door creaked as it was slowing open. Alliya poked her head in. Alliya and I had been best friends ever since we took our first breath. She was annoying,conceited, stubborn, and practically a spoiled brat. I frequently told her whenever she stepped on my nerves. Alliya, in the other hand, had her cute sides too. A good example would be how her perkiness brought life to everyone around her.
          “I totally forgot that you guys are coming over today,” I told Alliya who was taking forever to walk toward my direction. She looked directly into my eyes and made her way to where I was.
          “Jake is coming over too?” she asked in enthusiasm.
Jake was our best guy friend. I’d been knowing Jake for as long as I’d known Alliya or maybe even longer. I introduced Alliya to Jake about two years ago on my thirteenth birthday. I could tell since then that Alliya had a thing for Jake. I pretended I didn’t know because that spoiled brat would probably make me hook them up. Beyond that, Jake and I were secretly liking each other.
          “Yes, he is,” I responded to Alliya’s question. “We have to find something...”
          “When is he coming?” she cut me of as if I hadn’t said anything.
Alliya caught my eyes glaring at her. In her innocent voice she apologized. “Oops, sorry Aleed...what were you going to say?”
I ignored her silliness. A couple hours later, Jake was at the front door. Alliya volunteered to greet him. She ran across halls, down the stairs, and to the front door. From upstairs I could...


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