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Shutter Island

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Shutter Island

I can say that after I watch this movie that I really enjoyed it and how things went throughout the movie and how it ended. There were certain parts of the movie were I kind of got lost but as the movie went on deferent scenes brought all the missing clues into place so I understood. The movie seems to be about a U.S Marshall being assigned to an island to investigate the disappearing of a missing patient. The patient happened to be a she that was in the asylum for killing her kids.
At the time of the scene it all seemed strange because how she had disappeared was like it happened in thin air. The cell had one window and one door so it was impossible for someone to escape. Teddy Daniels the lead in the investigation was very serious about his job and cracking this case. The way teddy had been solving cases in the past he would appear to listen to his dead wife he’d imagine that would tell him things in his head. After days on the island things seemed to be going as plan, but it didn’t take long for something crazy to happened.
While staying on the island only Teddy would appear to see this missing women popping up in strange places on the island kind of like she was a ghost, or his mind was playing some kind of tricks on him at the time. After days Teddy began to realize that things were going not as plan on the island and that he needed to get out of the place. His partner became missing and would only appear in weird scenes like being with the warden of the asylum. Teddy started to think that this was all a game and they wanted to trap him there the whole time being on the island. As things started to get deeper into the movie Teddy begin to see more and more things that really happen to not be there, which really started to freak him out. Arriving towards the end of the movies the wardens begin to tell teddy things that started to anger him.
After Finding out from the warden that the missing patient that killed her kids was known to be...


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