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It Has Been Believed That People Who Read for Pleasure Have Developed Imagination and Good Language Skills Than People Who Prefer to Watch Tv. to What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree?

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It is well known that reading and watching TV are dispensable parts of our daily life . However , whether reading or watching TV can develop imagination and language skills has been debated . From my own perspective , i think reading is an excellent way to enrich knowledge rather than   watching TV.

Reading , doubtless , can bring about numerous benefits . To begin with , those people who prefer to read tend to be literature   to some extent as well as generalists . That means , reading can expand their horizons and make they knowledgeable , which is essential for nowadays's people to be all-round   . Moreover , imagination and language skills seems to be developed when people are reading .There is no scene in books but just needs people to think and understand   by ourself . Therefore , meaning mastered   will be diverse   from person to person .Last but not least ,   you might communicate with a great brain when you are reading and good book can be   thought-provoking alike   .Therefore , i am convinced that reading is of vital importance and favorable for people .

Undeniably , people can profit from TV , which is obvious witnessed .
Mounting empirical evidence abounds that a vast number of educational programs can generate colossal benefits for children . For instance , vivid images attract children and make them voluntary to learn or even mimic   . As a consequence , young children   can absorb the knowledge quickly as well as successful . In spite of that , it is more likely that people prefer to watch other entertainments rather than educational programs . Hence , i think reading book is superior to watching TV.

Overall , it is my own view that people can learn from reading book rather than watching TV . Reading , definitely , stimulates people to fulfil their potential thinking so that improves their language skills.


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