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Conflict 1

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Everyone in this room right now, has been involved in some form of conflict, whether it’s within themselves or with another person. Everyone reacts to situations differently and in their own way. According to Wilmot and Hacker, there are 5 different conflict styles, which are the different ways people handle conflicts. I believe that the best way to handle a conflict is through collaboration and the worst way is through avoidance. The best way is collaboration because the outcome is I win, You win. The worst way is avoidance because the outcomes is I lose, You lose.

      The world we live in would be a much more pleasant place if everyone’s conflict style was collaboration. This means that instead of fighting and arguing, everyone would get together to find a solution that works for everyone so everyone would get what they want. Collaboration is all about negotiating the best possible outcome so the end result would be everyone getting what they wanted which is I win, You win.

      However, when it comes to avoidance, everyone pretends as if there isn’t a conflict, no one gets together to meet in the middle to find a solution to satisfy both parties. Avoidance only escalates the problem more due to lack of communication and cooperation.   The end result would be I lose, You lose because no one get’s their point across, both parties keep avoiding each other so nothing gets done and no one gets what they want.

      In conclusion, at some point in everyone’s life, they are going to have to face a conflict and everyone is going to handle it a different way. I think that the best way is collaboration because everyone gets what they wanted and the worst way is avoidance because no one gets what they wanted. So when you arrive at a conflict don’t avoid it collaborate it.


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