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According to Yann Martell, “You must take life the way it comes at you and make the best of it”. In other words, one must make the best out of life no matter the circumstances one face in life. One shouldn’t loose hope in life when there is problem instead the problem should be faced with positive attitude and strength. I definitely agree with this stamen because individuals go through difficulties in life and the best way to overcome such difficulties is by making the best out of it and not giving up or loosing hope. This quote could be supported using two works Romiette and Julio by Sharon Draper and Keysha’s Drama by Earl Sewell. In both works characterization is used to prove that one must make the best out of hardest or toughest time in life.

In the novel, Romiette and Julio by Sharon Draper is about two teenagers from different ethnicity, who fell in love but unfortunately for them, their relationship wasn’t accepted by the society. Romiette is a female African American while Julio is a male Mexican. They both attend the same high school in Cincinnati, where they met and fell in love. Romiette felt like Julio is her soul mate and Julio felt the same way about her. The two young couple began to hang out at the lunch room and the hallway. The school had gangs, but there was this particular gang that didn’t support Romiette and Julio’s relationship. Their fathers also didn’t support their kids going out because of their ethnicity but their mothers were okay about it. The gang members persuade Romiette to stop talking to Julio and stop the relationship because of a similar reason to the fathers “the gang members said that black girls can’t go out with Mexican boys.

However, Romiette refused to do what the gang members requested her to do so they threaten to kill both of them and make them regret their actions. The two young lover’s life was made miserable by the gang members because they were bullied and embarrassed but instead of Romiette and Julio giving...


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