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Setbacks in My Life

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In everybody‚Äôs life, a time comes, when they have to face setbacks in life.   However we feel uncomfortable to expose our setbacks.   In my life there was also a time when I faced a setback. The time, when I arrived to United States from India; was the hardest time in my life.   Everything was different from what I experienced in my life so far.   Language, schooling system, classmates and especially I had no friend to share my feeling and have fun.
Every day when I went to school, I felt uncomfortable.   There was nobody who could talk to me like my best friend.   My classmates had different lifestyles and tradition.   In between all American classmates I felt so bad. When I was in India, I was an outgoing person and one of the best socialize student in the school. I used to be around by other classmates. But here, everything was completely different.   In first few months, I felt depressed and angry all the time. My mood had become like a baby showing tantrums.
I always kept thinking about my best friend because she was always there for me, when I needed her.   I missed her a lot.   I used to share every single thing with her, like all silly girlish issues, and other important issues.   It was hard to trust anybody like her again.   On that time I was not feeling so comfortable to talk to my sister about my issues.   I love my sister and parents very much and they care about me but still I did not feel comfortable to talk about my feeling with her. On that time I realized that my friend has extraordinary influence in my life.  
Time passed, and the next year of school started. Then I met a girl from Pakistan.   She only came to United States for one year because his father was in Military. She became my good friend.   It gives me a little courage and support. Then I started trying to discuss my feelings with my sister and she showed so much understanding.   I also tried to communicate with other girls in school.   They also supported me and showed respect towards my feelings...


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