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Cafeteria Adventure

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First day of my cafeteria adventure. It was time for “C” Lunch, which normally lasts from 12:35 to 13:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays and were my default lunch days. When I entered the mess hall, the first things I noticed was the heat caused by the emitting of carbon dioxide from the school kids’ breath, the miserable-looking lunch ladies, the administrators guarding the front door like a group of pit bulls, the school lunch that honestly looked like it was getting ready to crawl off the trays, and of course, the Tucker High School Students in which almost the vast majority of their faces were un recognizable to me.
Wondering like a city-dweller in the Sahara Desert, I had no idea where to settle myself in this new environment, for I generally don’t eat lunch in Tucker High School. When I got around to the middle of the cafeteria, I heard voices of Tucker High School Students calling my name. This was an abnormal feeling to me, these voices were completely unfamiliar to my ears, and yet they call out my name as if they have known me since the day I was born. I took a quick glance at them, and the first thing I noticed, was that they were sophomores, two of them exactly. Not knowing who they exactly were or even their names, I decided to put a smile on my face and sat with them. These sophomores, conversed with me as if they were a pair of French explorers who studied on an ethnic group of people and were fascinated with its people, finally getting the chance to meet them, with me being that ethnic group of people.
The second day of my cafeteria adventure was rather unusual from the first day. I walked over to the same area where I first acquainted with the two unfamiliar sophomores. I thought to myself, “Maybe I should really start socializing with people I don’t know.” But that was rather a challenge, as I walked over to the sophomores, already there were other people crowding over the two. They all looked blissful as they all conversed with each other,...


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