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Child Is Special

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I believe that the children is our future, teach them will and let them be the way ,showing them all the beauty they posses inside give them time and love is the important things to developed the talent that they have and to fulfill there dream. It is a great message on giving love and importance to the children. I believe that the every child is special and every child has its own personality and I believe that every child tries to aim and focus best in life and the most important, every child has its own dreams. But the main factor we need to understand the dreams. And need the parent to suffer to guide and to care and love. Have you ever felt the feeling of helplessness? Especially when you have homework to finish but you can’t seem to remember and understand what your teacher has taught you at school? Well that’s how little boy ishaaan felt almost of his life at school at home. And to make worse, there’s no even, not even own family, noticed his plea for help. I have seen myself to my professor who was so insensitive in announcing the low scores of the student and a male teacher who had an unfriendly voice while explaining the lesson and terrorized the whole class; the movie tells about the teacher that I believe they need to appreciate the student and have a more patient as a role of the teacher. I believe that if there is an atmosphere of fear inside the classroom it creates trauma to the students and learning never be fun because I know that if your teacher is terror you will be scare all the time. He will be scared and it will drive them out to enter the class and eventually lessen their interest in going to school. The darkness and loneliness in the eyes of shaman turned into the new bright life when she met his new teacher who teach him learned the basic of art writing and reading. I believe that the teacher realized how us the feelings of the kid shaman who cant understand, but he knows how smart ishaan is. Teaches the art, music, crafts, that one of...


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