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It's obvious that the world is a lot different than it has been in the past. People are changing, becoming uncaring about everything, focusing solely on their selves,
while expecting everyone to look up to them and follow them on the trail of "greatness". The reason for all this difference is the drastic change in music,
but more specifically the genre of Rap, is brain washing a large percentage of the forever aging teenage population.

The rap that is played now-a-days does not encourage anyone to do good. All that it really provides us with when completely summarized is money.
They don't encourage the positive things out of life, unless otherwise linked with money. They pretend as if happiness cannot be gained unless you drive a super
sports car or count millions of dollars everyday. People have began to use the term "FBGM" as a means for saying money is more important than women,
which is completely ridiculous. Women are supposed to be cherished, loved, and respected. But instead they have became completely trashed, disrespected, tools of sex.
It hasn't always been this bad, but it is constantly getting worse. If you think about it, if every one of those 100 to 300 millionaire rap superstars was to donate $100,000 instead of
buying a car and polluting the environment we would have about $25,000,000, imagine what could be done with that.

Breaking down to more than just "money", you will hear things mentioned such as drugs, alcohol, expensive designer clothes, degrading of women, sex, violence, and not caring for anyone but yourself.
That can't be what you want your kids growing up too. The United States has the #1 crime rate in the world, wonder how that happened?
All of these rappers say "I shoot this, I shoot that" makes younger people think, 'hey, he did it and became a millionaire so i can too'.


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