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Historically speaking,the inequality between the opposite gender is not a newly generated issue.For centuries,women has been struggling to regain their reasonable basic rights in all realm,in society,in school and in family.Universities,one of the most independent organization,should take that responsibility to enable women to fight for their rights.

Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female student in every subject,thoroughly.In other words,male should not be simply judged as prominent in logical analysis and defined as barely have no merit in art and literature,vice versa.It cannot be denied that male and female are biologically different in assorted ways but we cannot go to the extreme and simply try to obliterate all those similarities.Frankly,there should be no restricted subjects for male or female to choose from,which is very likely tend to constrain their potential.

On the other hand,concerns should not be concealed.The problem is that ideology buried in the ground of all counties seemly share the permanent prejudice among the issue of gender,For the sake of that,female students might not be treated fairly in the region of science or technology by their teachers,for they incline to be a slower leaner in such field.

In conclusion,I think,in the first place,universities should stipulate the relevant policy to achieve the balance.Apart from that,employers,teachers,even students themselves should alter their concept of learning and change their stereotype toward this issue.


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