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Nature 1

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Midterm project 1:

Eloisa V. De Leon


      It is a great TV show .It is about a happy   family with a strong family ties. They   understands each other and especially   helping each other in times of problems. Unexpectedly ,the father   have an illness and need to be operated they have no money and nothing to ask for help even their relatives. The elder daughter (Agnes) thought of asking for help to their Congressman. She went on the house of it and ask for help. Unfortunately,the Congressman was stressed and drunk. He has a problem of his wife and they argued on the cellphone. But still he entertained Agnes   and gave her money for the operation of her father. Afterward, the phone rung   again and the congressman continually argued on the other line,when suddenly he had heart attack and fell over on Agnes,somebody   took pictures on them and that’s the start of   gossip that Agnes was a querida(kabet) of the Congressman Bernard.

This TV show “Reputasyon,” shows some positive values like the family have a strong sense of family ties. That even if one member was being accused, they’re not believe on it intead they still support each other. It also shows of being “makadiyos,” they pray hard for their sake and for the truth that Agnes is not a querida. The family was blessed for having a very lovable parents. Also it shows of being merciful like what the congressman did of helping Agnes for the operation of it’s father. Being patient and true to herself   is one of a positive values of Agnes at the same time being honest. One more thing is that the friends do not judge Agnes instead they support and love her is a good attitude.

      Some negative values here are the people judge Agnes   with no enough evidence. They accused Agnes even though they don’t know what really happened. The gossip was swiftly scattered. Some   throw bad words on Agnes that can hurt her feelings and also of her family.
      And the worst is that   the wife of the...


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