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The Ran Away Pianist

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Kate Letsa
28 October 2011

The person I am doing is named Isaac Manuel Albéniz y Pascual. He was born May 29, 1860 in Camprodón. As a child, when he was growing up he was talented in playing the piano and gave his first performance in Barcelona at the age of four. About two years later he had privately with a professor of piano at the Conservatory, named Antonie Francois Marmontel. In 1868 Isaac’s family moved out to Madrid and started studying at the now called Royal Conservatory of Music. Isaac began to get recognized for his great talent, and was often compared to Mozart. But very soon Isaac had become unhappy and bored with his studies, so had ran away. He had run away to New York.
In May 1876 Isaac had enrolled at the Leipzig Conservatory at the age at 15. In 1879, he had won first prize in piano performance. At the age of twenty, he had left Brussels to go to Budapest, in order to fulfill his dream. Albeniz returned to Madrid where he spent his time going to concerts and touring the principal towns and cities of Spain. Later on he was a manager of a traveling zarzuela company.
The year 1883 was a major change in Albeniz life. After a tour he went to, he settles in Barcelona where he was with the father of Spanish music. Felipe Pedrell was a teacher, composer, and musicologist who had major talent in old Spanish music. Pedrell’s ideas had a major impact on Albeniz. He composed short piano pieces .The most major thing that happened in 1883 was Albeniz married his pupils, Rosita Jordana.
Albeniz spent the years 1890 to 1893 mostly in London, when he was in London he was mostly writing for the musical stage. He wrote some operettas and songs which appointed the Prince of Wales Theater. In 1893 he was offered a position, but he rejected it and instead moved back to Spain and after that he moved to Paris in the fall of 1984.
During that time Albeniz composed operas while he was living in Paris. He started to develop close relationships...


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