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Proper Manpower Planning

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Proper Manpower Planning: A Must For Development
The third world countries are exposed to the process of change operating at the national and local level simultaneously, extending and expending both geographically and socially, affecting both the form and functions of groups and organizations, and evolving new patterns of living and thinking. The ruling elites of these countries are influenced by the liberal or revolutionary philosophies of the West either of their earlier colonial masters or of their allies in their battle against Imperialism. They have been equally impressed by the industrial strength of the West supporting its production machine. Leadership of the third world countries is therefore endeavoring in every way to introduce change on this pattern and to strengthen its process- the process of development. For its leadership development therefore is a recurring theme and a common idiom in the vocabulary.
Development, basically, is change with a predetermined direction affecting various segments of the society. Politically it expresses faith in individual development in the context of liberal or collectivist philosophy as adopted by the governing elites. It also encourages individuals' conscious participation in its decision-making and decision implementing process. Economically it aims at increasing goods and services and increasingly putting economic efficiency (cost-benefit relationship) and follows growth indicators of GNR Administratively it works for functional specialization amongst its operating organizational structures and tries to support it by the concept of professionalism. Collectively it makes the whole process communitarian with increasing social mobility and with natural mobilization of community associations makes the whole process participative and pervading stable and enduring.
On the eve of independence day as a third world country was stuck down in her efforts of development with low capital formation, low per capita income, low...


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