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Getting Along with Teachers

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You are the secretary of New Hope Secondary School. Miss Wong, a new English teacher, is frustrated about her class. Most students seem to be unwilling to learn , also she finds it hard to get along with them. The Principal is very concerned about it. Instead of blaming students directly, he has asked you to write an article addressing this issue. You need to explain to students at least THREE benefits of having better relationships with their teachers.

Having a hard time with teachers? Act now!

Do any of you have a hard time at school because of your teachers? I bet some of you do. You may think the teacher assigns too much homework and gives too many quizzes. You may not feel great when the teacher points out your mistakes in front of the class and do not return the two marks which she has deducted in your test. Even, you may not like the teacher as you think she is not as good as the old one. For whatever reasons, it’s time you started learning how to get along with your teachers for the numerous benefits.

As a secondary school student, you are at a wonderful stage of your life. You are like a sponge, able to soak up a lot of new, exciting information. On top of that, you are able to think about all the information critically. Your teacher is the one responsible for guiding you through the challenging yet fascinating learning journey.

It is advisable to get along with your teachers because it makes your school life more pleasant. Certainly, students who get along with their teachers will be more eager to learn the subject taught by the teacher, as they are confident that the teacher will offer support throughout their learning process. Not only do they learn more, but they are more comfortable asking extra questions and getting additional assistance. This makes it easier to understand new materials and perform better in the tests and exams.

You should also bear in mind that teachers do not only teach. If you have a good relationship with...


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