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Money over Human Values

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Rihards Zeilis, 12.f

It is said that nowadays majority of people tend to worry more about comfort and being well of, leaving behind such humane values as love and harmony amongst your relatives. This is the case which should be discussed from different perspectives.
I can not deny that these days it is a widely spread tendency, but it will not be right to blame those people for choosing material things over emotional values. The fact of the matter is that we are living in a material world and that explains a lot. Year by year it is getting harder and harder to succeed in life and reach the satisfaction we are all looking for. What that means is that people try to earn as much money as possible to provide themselves with things that will make their life a tiny bit enjoyable, unfortunatelty in most cases there is no time left to think about such essential things as relationships and family. That is a pity because it should be a crucial aspect in our lives.
However there will always be exceptions. Even going through some harsh times there will be people who can seperate these two things and find the time for traditional values and customs. It is not easy and it requires self-sacrifice but at the end it is worth it.
All in all it is everyones free will to choose their own priorities. It would be unfair to judge somebody because of different values. All I say is that we should think more about the consequences of our actions and where it might lead us.


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