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Joshua Jun
Mrs. Cartwright
English 7
August 29 2011
Leo Borlock: A Character Explanation
The new 10th grade student wore such a long dress that it covered her shoes, carried a pet rat on her shoulder, and had a ukulele strapped to her back. Stargirl Caraway, one of the main characters in the novel Stargirl, Is a home schooled kid until she enters Mica Area High School (MAHS). She shows the other kids her true identity, and finds out that there are non written rules about fitting in at the school. When Stargirl enters Mica Area High School, she meets 11th grader Leo Borlock and his life changes forever. Leo is in love with Stargirl but he must decide if he will be friends with here or ignore her to fit in with his classmates. In Jerry Spinelli’s novel Stargirl, the protagonist Leo Borlock exhibits inquisitiveness, determination, and insecurity.
Leo shows his curiosity in many different ways in this novel. On page 16, he follows Stargirl after school, even though it is very dark. He walks a long way to find out where Stargirl lives. He passes a desert and walks out of his own town. Later in the novel, Leo returns to the desert with Stargirl and, this time they go together and meditate. This not only shows Leo’s curiosity but also his determination because he does not give up.

Leo shows his determination on page 125 when he tries his best to change Stargirl into a “normal” girl. For example, he tells her how to dress and how to behave. Even though it takes a long time for Stargirl to understand Leo, he still does not give up. In the end, Stargirl changes for Leo. His determination in trying to fit in the “cool” group at Mica Area High School, works but he losses Stargirls affection forever.
Lastly Leo shows insecurity. In this novel, Leo reveals his insecurity in many different parts of the story. The first time is on page 126 when he finds out that he needs attention from other people in order to know that he is alive. While he was walking in the...


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