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Black Hawk Down Analysis

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Black Hawk Down: Review

The American motion picture Black Hawk Down is based on Operation: Restore Hope which occurred in Mogadishu, Somalia that began in 1991. This also happened to be a conflict between the Somalia national government and a warlord by the name of Mohammed Farah Aidid and other rivaling factions leading up to a feud of clans. President Senior George W. Bush proposed one last act during his presidency to the United Nations allowing US troops to assist the UN Peace Keepers, later on resulting in a 17 hour long battle which made it to be known as the Battle of Mogadishu. Black Hawk Down retold this historic event which ended in victory for the US and eventually restored peace to Somalia.
The culture displayed in this movie was strongly Islamic. American cultures are also contrasted with Islamic ones in various ways including the daily practices performed by Islamic soldiers as well as hygienic differences. The Islamic culture was portrayed as one that is very traditional and does not change without consequence. Other practices were brought to attention in the country of which the American soldiers were battling on. There are specific methods of prayer which are unique to the Islamic people and this was easily noticed as Islamic soldiers took care to specifically face east when praying and this was shown multiple times within the film. The way of life for these people was made out to be very simple and took most care in showing how many daily practices of the people in Somalia involve following lessons in the Quran. The contrast of cultures was made very obvious and successfully portrayed the differences in interest and life especially with the minimal use of technology within Islamic cities.
Specific events took place throughout the motion picture that made obvious some cultural differences in Somalia and the Islamic culture overall. Prayer was not done permitted at any other time of day besides morning. The morning prayer ritual was...


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