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Discuss the Main Forces Driving the Globalisation Process and Explain the Challenges/Opportunities That Globalisation Presents to Multinational Businesses.

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The purpose of this essay is to describe and to evaluate the main forces driving the globalisation process and the challenges and opportunities that globalisation presents to multinational businesses. As we know the event which is considered most important in human kind history is globalization. For example Chinese culture, Roman Empire and also British are important to understand the global process taking power and influence into account but these influences cannot e compared to what we understand today through globalization. Today’s globalization is visible at ever point and stage of life for example let consider News we listen and watch on Television, we buy and sell our product to the world through internet but as long as these globalization changes occur in human life there are also some aspects that globalizations experiencing and that is international politics and economy environment.

1.1 Globalisation:
We can define globalization as when two or more countries joins together by economically, through education, society and politically and view the people or nation of that country as their national identity as well as part of the world.
We can also say that globalization brings peoples from all nations closer through a common medium i.e. internet, economy, education, etc.

1.2 Process of Globalization:
Process of globalization is mutual actions and act amoung people, government, companies and nations around the world motivated by international trade and investments and influenced by information technology.

2.0 The Forces Driving Globalisation:
• Increase in and expansion of technology
This driving factor of globalization improved in the 1990s when computer and telecommunication improved these effects in the access to the information and economy. These advancements in IT industry allow efficiency gain in the economy because it allow the organization around the word to expand their products, recourses and ideas effectively   and...


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