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Types of Inflation

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Inflation is commonly understood as a situation of substantial and rapid general increase in the price level and consequent fall the value of money over a period of time. Inflation means persistent rise in the general level of prices. Inflation is a long term operating dynamic process. By and large, inflation is also a monetary phenomenon. It is usually characterized by an overflow of money and credit. In fact, the root cause of inflation is the expansion of money supply beyond the normal absorbing capacity of the economy. The behavior of general prices is measured through price indices. The trend of price indices reveals the course of inflation or deflation in the economy. Crowther defines inflation as “a state in which the value of money is falling, i.e., prices are rising”. Professor Samuelson defines “Inflation occurs when the general level of prices and costs is rising”.
Types of Inflation
On different grounds, economists have classified inflation into various types. According to the rate inflation there are four types of inflation.
    • Moderate Inflation
    • Running Inflation
    • Galloping Inflation
    • Hyper Inflation
Moderate inflation is a mild and tolerable form of inflation. It occurs when prices are rising slowly. When the rate of inflation is less than 10 per cent annually, or it is a single digit annual inflation rate, it is considered to be moderate inflation in the present day economy. It does not disrupt the economic balance. It is regarded as stable inflation in which the relative prices do not get far out of line.
When the movement of price accelerates rapidly, running inflation emerges. Running inflation may record more than 100 per cent rise in prices over a decade. Thus, when prices rise by more than 10 per cent a year, running inflation occurs. When prices are rising at double or triple digit rates of 20,100 or 200 per cent a year, the situation may be described as galloping inflation. Galloping inflation is really...


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