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Little Naomi with a Red Red Hood

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Rasha Fawaz
Reading and Writing B
Write Your Own Revision of a Fairy Tale (little red riding hood)
“Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Naomi. She was very tall, tan, and beautiful. She had long brown hair, and always wore a red hood. one day she was walking around in the woods raining and she got lost. She was trying to head to her grandmother's house to teach her how to create a Facebook account. She figured if she walked she would eventually get somewhere, and finally she reached an old house. It seemed like it's been there for centuries. she ran to the door and knocked but nobody answered. She decided that waiting out in the rain was not a good idea. So she continues walking down the path. Her grandmother had given her the precise directions but Red, which is what everyone called her, was so lazy that she tried to take a short cut. Her mother was supposed to drive her there, but she got caught up watching TV. “I can't miss another episode of the Oprah Winfrey show!” is what her mother told her before she left to her journey. Red was pretty, but she was just as naïve. She a strong personality but a heart, sweet like honey.
On her way to her grandmother's house, Red got extremely hungry. So she took out her inflatable chair, took out a bag of skittles and a diet coke and started drinking. Suddenly she starts hearing loud noise getting closer and closer. She drops everything she had in hand, and   shuts her ears tight afraid of whats coming. It was a dirt bike it was big. It stopped in front of her. Then came a man. She could tell that he thought very highly of himself. But all that sweet little girl had in   mind was that he seems like a nice young man. He asked her if she needed a ride. Flattered she says yes. The young man took her all the way to her grandmother's house which was on the other side of the forest, droped her off and kissed her goodbye. And they never saw each other again.” she takes her eyes off the book, puzzled . She...


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