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Living in American Society

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Living in American society poses hazards to the biological evolution and contradicts Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection. As products of society, all Americans (and all other civilized societies of the world) are sheltered from what our ancestors used to hundreds and even thousands of years ago, which was to live individually and not have to rely so heavily on a system to live. Through an imaginary document called the 'Social Contract', people of a society will receive any necessary things to stay alive at the expense of living and acting within the standards and rules of what that society asks them to do. Water, food, and protection from Mother Nature are all things taken for granted in this society because we expect them to be there through our own compliance with the Social Contract. In the movie Into the Wild, the main character, Christopher McCandless, leaves his spot in civilized society and breaks the rules of his Social Contract to live in the wilderness of Alaska. Although McCandless believes that he is living on his own, many things that he does still shows signs of his prior reliance and conflict with society.
Before McCandless decided to head into the Alaskan wilderness, you learned about the conflicts that arose between him and society as a whole. McCandless was an intelligent character that really wanted no part in society after he graduated from college. In fact, he left his prosperous life in Atlanta without telling anybody just to get away from what society had created for him. As the movie progressed, Christopher began to drop the ties he had with society to perhaps gain a new light on things. After leaving his life in Atlanta, McCandless defied society by abandoning his car, burned the money in his pocket, gave all $20,000 in his account to charity, and he stopped cleaning himself altogether. Regular citizens in our society would look upon what McCandless did as something that a crazy person would do but McCandless saw his actions as...


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