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Rashun Owens
African American History
Essay 2
Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing believes black people understands how the white supremacy works. With education, economics, and sex it can be dismantled too bring true justice to planet Earth.
Being that education is the one thing black people were so deprived of in the past. By mastering in comedy, sports, and dancing, but not mastering education shows that the white people still have that power over them. With lack of education, determination, and motivation a society can not grow. History will only repeat it self over again if we do not come together as one. The pyramid is made up with justice, truth, understanding and what we as a society reveal.
As a result, we do not have unity. Unity,propose, creativity, faith, self determination and economics are what African Americans need to survive in society. Being that racism is a global thing. There's really no where to run and get away from it. The only thing to do is remain strong minded and never give a person the power over you. The whites have the power to make blacks hate, steal and kill one another. Instead of coming together as one and loving each other.
For this reason, everything represented sex and testicles. The games white people play are small ball games such as ping-pong, golf , tennis and earth ball were all for the white people. All the games with big balls like football, basketball, and the Olympics were for the black people. Bringing the attention to how the cheerleaders were always white and the quarter backs were white too. White girls would describe their ideal man to be tall, dark and handsome. Another example would be around valentine's day, the newspaper ads and TV advertising with sex appeal saying how good dark chocolate tasted.
In conclusion, one tenth have white skin and nine tenth are black, brown and yellow. Putting an end to white supremacy is not going to be easy. But with the right education,...


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