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George Washington Turned His Back

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George Washington had to do many thing in his life that would reflect the great saying, “A person who wants to lead the orchestra must first turn their back to the crowd.” In Washington's life, he will have to turn his back to many things, like his family, his pride, Virginia, the British, and to become king, to lead the militia and America. Washington made many sacrifices to help create America, and go forth with his goals to later lead America not as a king, but as president of the United States.
Washington turned his back to his family in many ways. First, he would leave them to go on and lead the militia, leaving his family at Mt. Vernon. He left his son and abandoned him, and his wife, Martha. Washington would not see them for years to come.
Next, Washington turned his back to his own pride. He did this by losing many battles that he knew that he would win, but in fact, did not. He lost many, many battles and his militia was about to give up, but then at Monongahela, Washington was a respected hero. He had retreated with the rest of his men successfully, and was also the only surviving officer out of many. Washington had survived without a scratch even with 4 bullet holes in his jacket. But even with this great heroism, Washington still was on the verge of losing his pride to all of the militia under his own command.
Another way Washington turned his back to the crowd was the fact that he turned it to his own state, Virginia. During the wars, Washington   refused to protect his own home-land of Virginia. He believed that he had to protect other states for the better cause, but others did not see the same as Washington did. They believed that he should protect all the states the best he could, but Washington did not go to aid in the fight to protect Virginia. Later Washington would show that he was in fact, right, and made a good choice.
One of the main things that Washington turned his back to was the British. Washington lead the American militia toward a...


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