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Rates of Violant Crimes

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Rates of violent crime in the United States are higher than in Western Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. Draw on as many of the theories discussed in the chapter as possible to explain why the United States is such a comparably violent society
There are many factors   why violence is so prevalent in the United States. It first starts with the individual. An individual conforms to its society . It may be because of survival issues that a person resorts to be in a gang, robbing people or selling drugs . It could also be mental illness which is rampant in our society. Some people get an adrenaline rush hurting people.   Having so many guns available to criminals makes it easier to fulfill their needs. Without accountability people think crime is ok as long as they don’t get caught. When they do get caught chances are the sentence is light. All these issues fueled with alcohol and a the huge appetite of illegal drugs makes a perfect storm for the high violence rate in America
The Judicial system is soft on violent crime.   Overcrowded jails and prisons give criminals a sense of any liability. I believe if our country took a tougher stance on violent crimes there would be less a problem today. Our prisons and jails are filled with nonviolent offenders getting maximum sentences.   Priorities should be focused for those   who commits violent crimes. That room could be used for the violent offenders like murders, rapist, child molesters, child abusers and other violent crimes.   Because of the priorities of our judicial system many violent criminals are giving light sentences. If the penalties were more severe there would be fewer individuals on the street and also a stronger deterrent making a person to think twice. Perhaps punishments should   fit the crime in the manor a crime was committed.
Many inner city kids don’t have much opportunity to achieve. Their schools are overcrowded not allowing the time a teacher would like to spend with the students different...


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