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Name:             Tracey Walsh                                       Date:               20-10-11

Scenario 1:                                                                                                                       Academic impropriety includes cheating, plagiarism, forgery, collusion or any attempt, successful or not, to gain unfair advantage in the examination or assessment process.in this scenario(number 1)academic impropriety was very evident as the student tried to pass off some one else’s work as his own which is seen as cheating and plagiarism as the student wasn’t giving credit to the person who actually wrote it.in my opinion the student who committed the impropriety should be marked zero with no chance of referral or re-registration. The police should also be contacted as a theft and burglary has accrued as the student broke in to the hall and stole the disk.
Scenario 2:   unethical practices are not conforming to approved standards of social or professional behavior; "unethical medical practices”.this was clearly seen in this scenario(number 1) as the nutritionist did not look any way deep enough in to the patients medical history befor preparing the diet sheet.she was given the information that the patient had bowel disorder, this information is to vague to set a diet sheet.it is highy unethical to hand out a diet sheet that is not properly researched as it could cause more harm than good.this nutrionist should be given a warning and taught about the effects the wrong diet can have on a sick patient.it should also be brought to the attention of the hospital borad.
Scenario 3:
A women who was no way obese went to a nutriontists requesting to go on a diet that she didn’t need to go on as only weighed 12st. After going on a “amazing hydration diet” for less than seven days this women become seriosly ill and had a massive epileptic fit.the nutririonist was not a registered nutritionist and was not fit to give out information....


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