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Knowning Yourself

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Knowing yourself (chapter 4)
Knowing yourself is no easy task in my opinion, some individual are good at the challenges and some have to work hard towards the process. Either way characteristic in becoming a leader is quite challenging. First we should be open and honest about where our leadership skills fall short. In addressing our capabilities is a sure way to gain a trusting and respectful view from others, which can help to stay far away from the negative perception others have of you.   A leader should be able to recognize their own limits and inabilities and look at new ways to fill those gaps to prevent shortcomings.   A mindset to support continuous improvement and reaching out for support is as important as it allows a leader to accept his/her imperfections in themselves and have tolerant for other people.
When it comes to knowing oneself, it can be complicated. I believe if you know your strength and weakness it will put you at ease to move forward. Knowing what you’re capable can certainly put your ahead of the game. For example: is it important to win an argument or knowing when to keep quite.
Having the knowledge to understand one self, I believe is the key to self-advocacy. Like anything else, the more you know, the better you understand, and the easier it is to explain. There are three parts to becoming an effective self-advocate: knowing yourself, knowing your needs, and knowing how to get what you need. The first step is self-reflection, which speaks of our own experiences, including both successes and failures. Second source spoke of information for knowing yourself may come from asking individuals we associates with at work about our behavior. Third source is self-knowledge and being open to new ideas of the truth which comes from others opinion and perceptions and fourth way of knowing yourself is tracking the connection between what we believe and what we do and say.
This transformation in becoming a leader help us recognize the paradigm...


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