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London is the capital city of England and United Kingdom and with it´s population about 10 million people with suburbs also one of the largest cities in Europa. It´s located on the river Thames in south-east England.

The etymology of London is uncertain but we know that first major settlement was founded by the Romans in about 50 AD. They firstly built a bridge across Thames and few years later merchants built a town by the bridge. Then in 61 AD queen of one british tribe led the rebellion against the Romans. No attemp was made to defend London so burned it, but after her army was crushed the town was rebuilt. After that the stonewall was erected around London and the population rose to perhaps 50000, which maybe seems small to us but it was the largest town in Britain. Most people lived in wooden houses, but rich people lived in houses made of stone or brick and they had bath in their houses. Roman London also had an amphitheatre which could hold 8000 people and gladiators fought to the death there. The last Roman soldier left Britain in the beggining of fifth century and London was probably abondoned. Then it became Saxon town. In twelfth century it became the centre of Christian religion with over one hundred churchs. The population of London may have reached 50000 by the middle of fourteenth century but at least a third of the population died during the Black death. London soon recovered and population reached about 250000. In 1666 the came the great fire of London. It became in a baker´s house and wind caused the flames to spread rapidly. Thousands of house had been destroyed and a lot of people had been made homeless. After this disaster king ordered that all new houses should be made of stone. The history of London is very rich.

Anyway, London is still the cultural cente and many sights are located in London. You can see them walking or going by various types of transport, for example double deckers or you can choose faster underground. It´s...


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