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Thinking about a good story to read? I suggest you read “Nethergrave” by Gloria Skurzynski. This is an intriguing story about a young boy, Jeremy, who just doesn’t quite fit in. Until one day. On that day, Jeremy accidentally scored a goal for the other soccer team. That caused a not so good day. Jeremy tries to use a persona but inside, this mistake was really bothering him. Every day, Jeremy goes in a chat room with the only friends he has as an avatar. That day he was introduced to Nethergrave. I suggest you choose “Nethergrave” because it has suspense, drama, and, finally, mayhem. Read on to see some truly great reasons about why to read the story “Nethergrave”.
One reason you should read this story is it is suspenseful. It has one thing happening then another and you just keep wondering what is going to happen next. You want to read more and predicting what you think is going to happen. My second reason is that it is drama filled. Yes, people don’t want drama in their lives but teens and adults don’t mind reading a good drama filled story every now and again. With Jeremy having soccer problems and social dilemmas, you are bound to know this story has some drama in it. My final reason is the story has mayhem. How often do you read about a teenage soccer player scoring for the other team? Exactly! Also, how often does a new computer program beckon for you to come forth?
So now you’re wondering, which story should I read? “Nethergrave” sounds good but maybe it isn’t the story for me. When choosing the right story just remember that this one is a good one. It has drama, suspense, and mayhem. It even has gargoyles, vortexes, and even a Magus. It really draws in the reader. Whenever you want a good story to read or are even just going through some drama and might want to relate to someone, read “Nethergrave” by Gloria Skurzynski.


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