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Spread of the American Culture: Good or Bad?

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Corryne Nixon September 23,2011

The Spread of American Culture: Good or Bad?

      The American culture is suitable to other countries because it shows them what we value in our society. In America the major thing we value is time. We have so many different words that have the meaning. America is a country that moves at a fast pace. Everyone is in a rush to get what needs to be done. Not only does America value time, but also money. America was the wealthiest country. Unfortunately, we are only in the process of redeeming that title. However Americans are divided about the value of spreading Americans culture around the world. In August 2002 an Investor's Business Daily/Christian Science Monitor poll found that only forty seven percent felt that "American movies and popular culture" had a positive impact on "the rest of the world." Forty-three percent thought the impact was negative. In fact, in an October 1999 PIPA poll, a multiplicity of forty eight percent said they feel either mixed or bad feelings when they hear about McDonalds opening up in cities around the world, or the popularity of US TV shows in other countries. Forty-three percent had virtuous feelings.
              At the same time, Americans reject the idea that US culture is a threat to foreign cultures. American culture is very important to other countries, such as music, television and films. The public certainly does not view the spread of US culture as a threat serious enough to provoke a lethal reaction.   There is a strong impact of US culture on countries in the 20th century, and it will have equal or greater influence in the 21st century. When it comes to globalization bringing greater cultural influences into the US, Americans express a positive attitude.
      Of the top ten global brands, seven are based in the United States.   Coca Cola, which holds the top spot, is often viewed as a symbol of Americanisation, and has vending machines in over 200 countries worldwide.   Many of...


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