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Ancient Travel Narrative

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Ancient Travel Narrative
Ancient China is an interesting unique place. Ancient China has five fascinating characteristics which are their geography, contributions, social structure, government, and religion. Ancient china is packed of surprises and adventure.   Ancient China is full of fun and adventure, so let’s explore big ancient china.

Ancient China’s geography impacts its growth and development. Ancient China is isolated and surrounded by mountains and rivers.   It is by rivers, valleys, and mountains which makes unity hard once there separated by mountains. China’s rivers influence trade and transportation. That’s the geography of Ancient China.

Ancient China’s big contributions to daily life are mainly. Paper and the Great Wall of China are big contributions. The great wall was used to stop intruders to intruding and now it’s known as a big architecture achievement. Paper is the other big contribution which impacted life and now the future. They also contributed to Astronomy, Mathematics, and Architecture. These are the contributions from Ancient China.

This is ancient china’s social structure is awesome. Ancient China is mostly patriarchy. The highest person of power is the mandate of heaven which can take the emperor out of power. Next is the emperor then the dynasties. Then comes the nobles made up the highest-ranking class after the ruling family.   Then the merchants and artisans last are slaves. That’s Ancient China’s social structure.  

Ancient China’s government is based on a type of monarchy. Ancient China’s emperors are basically rulers over a big territory. Emperor’s families which are called dynasties had power also like in some cases armies and land. The power also over these to is a being called the mandate of heaven. The mandate of heaven has power to cause natural disasters, famines, and floods if the emperor doesn’t follow the Dao.   The mandate of heaven can also take the emperor and the dynasties out of power. That is ancient...


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