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Personality Paper

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Naadirah Harris
Eva Benitez was a teenage girl who experienced a lot of abuse and went through many tragedies throughout her life. She goes through violence everyday of her life no matter if it’s at school she deals with it anywhere. She handles her problems with hate and anger; she needs guidance in her life.
Benitez felt that if something is not right she’s going to say something, she doesn’t let anything by pass her. As she mentioned in the movie she hates white people because they feel as though they can do anything they want and have no consequence. She hates white cops because they killed someone who was African American for reaching in their pocket. Her father was also was taking away by white cops for no reason. There are many reasons why she hate white cops and white people and she can go on and on about it.
Eva Benitez was a little girl born and raised in Brooklyn. She had twelve brother and sisters, who all abused her since she was 6 months old. She had only one guardian, which was her father because her mom died after she gave birth to her. They lived in an abandoned house with no windows; they had no food and no money to survive on an everyday basis. Therefore, her father had to go out and hustle people for money, rob stores, and shoot people. This was going on since Benitez was 6 months as I’ve mentioned and this is just horrible, she should have not been exposed to all of this.
At the age of two Benitez had a bad personality one that no one would ever think a two year old can have. She threw tantrums every five minutes, she would hit everyone that grabs her or walk passes her. The only words that came out her mouth were cursing words, which was ridiculous. Benitez
    Benitez was raped by all her brothers when she was 12 years old. Her sisters witnessed it and didn’t stop the abuse. After Benitez got raped she cried, called the cops and beat up her older sisters. Her sisters were astonished that Eva went about...


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