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Despicable Me

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Alright, what can you guess that from this topic what I am about to tell you. Hmmm…..some people might think I am calling myself despicable. Apparently, that’s so not true. “Despicable me” is the name of one the best movies of all times. I lurve it. (Just so you know, my sister is jumping and going all nuts). Yeah, so back to my description of the movie. It is unbelievably funny. There are many, many times at which you’ll laugh your head off. Last Saturday…..or was it Sunday, me and bro went to the raha mall cinema where we saw this 3-d movie. Everyone was laughing like crazy.
              We all had gone crazy. I laughed and laughed. I just couldn’t stop laughing because it was like if you’re laughing at one scene and you haven’t stop laughing, the other joke comes up. This movie is about a villain called Mr Gru who has stolen many of the greatest sculptures and his next evil mission is to steal the moon. I know…how crazy is that. But the question had been-how would he steal the moon? Then he learns that he could shrink the moon by a shrink-ray. But the bank stops giving him money and so he sets off by his little workers to steal the device. But in the middle another villain named victor has the same plans to steal the moon and so he steals the device from Mr Gru. Mr Gru tries to steal it back from him but does not succeed. Until one day as he watches three small girls who bring some cookies to sell victor. He watches this quietly and sets off to the orphanage to adopt the three girls and makes his plans to steal the shrink-ray back from him. In the middle of all of this, he realizes that he loves them very much. Awwwwww! His partner sees all this and tells him to bring them back to the orphanage. When he succeeds in stealing the moon. he realizes that he has to go to the girls’ ballet dance. When he reaches there, the show gets already over. But then he gets a note saying that victor had stolen them. He goes back to victor’s house .victor threatens him...


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