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Nethergrave/Sound of Thunder Critical Essay.   Evan P. Blegen

There has been many remakes of this exact story, like copy/paste and add some sprinkles on it.   Movies like Jurasic Park,   Butterfly effect come to mind.   I found the Sound of Thunder a fascinating text that made my mind think and envision this environment might have been like.   It was very descriptive.   I thought that Nethergrave was also descriptive but not as vivid when it came descriptions. I enjoyed Nethergrave more because I could relate more to the story line.   Jeremy was   taken into this computer world vs. the Safari world in the Sound of Thunder. Nethergrave   is an intriguing story about a young boy, Jeremy, who just doesn’t quite fit in. Until one day. On that day, Jeremy accidentally scored a goal for the other soccer team. That caused a not so good day. Jeremy tries to use a persona but inside, this mistake was really bothering him. Every day, Jeremy goes in a chat roomwith the only friends he has as an avatar. That day he was introduced to Nethergrave. “Nethergrave” has suspense, drama, and, finally, mayhem. It really draws in the reader.

In the end the surprise element in Sound of Thunder was shocking and almost brutal.   Eckels was killed in the end by Travis.   “He heard Travis breathe loud in the room; he hear Travis shift his rifle, click the safety catch, and raise the weapon.   There was a sound of thunder.”   Use of descrption was evident in both works.
Sound of Thunder of T- Rex desription :
“It came on great oiled, resilient, striding legs. It towered thirty feet above half of the trees, a great evil god, folding its delicate watchmaker’s claws close to its oily reptilian chest. Each lower leg was a piston, a thousand pounds of white bone, sunk in thick ropes of muscle, sheathed over in a gleam of pebbled skin like the mail of a terrible warrior.
Skurzynski opens the story by describing how Jeremy accidentally scores a goal for the opposing soccer team to show...


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