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Effect of Feeding Azolla on Broiler Chicks

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Influence of Feeding Azolla on the Performance of Raja- 2 Broiler birds
S.B. Prasanna, M.C.Shivakumar, B.C, Umashankar, G.S. Naveen Kumar, M.C.Pradeep and
T.M. Prabhu.
Department of ILFC, Veterinary College, KVAFSU, Hassan-573201.
An experiment was conducted on 120 day old Raja-2 broiler chicks for 6 weeks to study the influence   of supplementing dried Azolla (Azolla pinnata)   on growth and livability. The treatments consisted of Control group (T1), 5% supplemented (T2), 10% supplemented(T3) and fresh azolla fed group (T4), with 30 birds in three replicates of 10 each. The nutrient analysis of   azolla revealed   dry matter (95.40 %), crude protein (23.44%),   ether extract(2.93%), total ash(16.21%), Calcium (1.28%), Phosphorus (1.16%) and gross energy of 2089 Kcal/kg. The results reveal that at sixth week significantly higher body weight was noticed in 5% and   10 % azolla supplemented groups compared to other groups. At the end of sixth week T3 group birds consumed significantly higher feed compared to other groups. After fifth week significantly higher feed efficiency was recorded in 10% dried azolla fed group compared to remaining   groups. Three percent mortality was recorded in control group(T1) and 10% (T3) groups. It can be concluded that feeding dried azolla upto 10% results in better performance of broiler birds.

Key words: Growth rate, body weight, Azolla, broilers
Short title: Feeding of Azolla in Raja 2 Broiler birds

Higher price and non availability of feed ingredients are the two major constraints in broiler poultry feed industry. Feed cost alone incurs 65% of total cost of poultry production 4,20. Majority of the traditional sources of feedstuffs for poultry are exploited.   Among the feed ingredients, animal proteins are costly and scarce. But plant based protein supplements are cost effective and easily available. Alternative unconventional sources have a scope in poultry feed industry. One such unconventional feed stuff is...


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