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Including Young People Into Society

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Politicians have often spoken of wanting to foster an ’intensive society’.
 How might we ensure that this society includes its young people?
In today’s society, the youth of today are looked upon as not worthy amongst an adult society. Media has had a knock on effect on the way teenagers are perceived. There is a controversy on whether teenagers should be including in events within society such as elections. However, there are many reasons why this is a difficult decision.

Firstly, in today’s evolved society, youth have been bombarded with technology such as; computers, laptops, mobiles, leaving them very little time to be doing something else. Also, technology is the reason for failed GCSE’s and brainwashed teens. From a survey I took in a Sixth Form common room, after asking them what they would save in a fire, 92% said their mobile phones. This shows how reliant and addicted the majority of youth is in modern society. With media and technology everywhere, young people’s minds have been corrupted with the use of colloquial language and abbreviated spelling in exam’s as teenagers have written ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ without realising. As this issue grows, the public begin to wonder whether the adolescent generation are ready to tackle the ‘real world’.
With technology becoming much more advanced and more and more teenagers owning a Smartphone, a chance of an open-minded, politician-to-be is being deleted with every click.

However, with the minds of the public, the youth could take roles within the community such as running small clubs, e.g. sports related clubs for young children in the community. By doing this, teenagers would get more recognition amongst the public eye and maybe rid such a stereotypical road down the crime and punishment isles.   Young people would be more passionate with the children as it’s nothing too demanding and running the clubs could be shared out by many young people so that their whole lives are not being taken over by doing...


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