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Landscape and the Palm Islands

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Art Landscapes (Earthworks):
The Palm and World Island Projects of Dubai, UAE

The Palm and World Islands of Dubai are the current artificial archipelagos in Dubai.   They are the three largest manmade islands in the world and are considered by many to be the eighth wonders of the world. The Palm and World Islands and are unique project in many ways. Upon completion, the project will have created the world's largest two man-made islands, which are expected to be visible from the moon and are already visible from outer space. The overall design and look of the islands is expected to be an overwhelming visual experience. The islands will offer an incredibly wide range of services and opportunities such as residence, shopping, dining, hotels, theme parks and marine sports. The most advanced construction and engineering techniques will be utilized in the construction of the islands.   The Palm Islands are composed of The Palm Jumeirah, The Palm Deira and The Palm Jebel Ali and then there is the separately exclusive World Island.   As the world's largest land reclamation development projects, the metropolis Palm Islands and The World have spiked planetary attention in many different ways. In order to understand the islands and their impact on Dubai and international landscape architecture and design it is necessary to know a bit of history of the place that developed such phenomenal breakthroughs in design and landscape manipulation.

The Palm and World Islands- Google Images

Dubai: The Palm and World Islands are located in Dubai, a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates located south of the Persian Gulf. Dubai is arguably the most renown internationally of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates.   Like all the emirates, it consists of a city, after which the emirate is named, and adjacent coastal and interior districts.   Typically, this extends the territories of the tribal confederations led by the ruling family of each emirate across multiple...


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