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Science 1

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As   we   know   very   well, governments   of   different   nations   are   heavily   involved   in   scientific   and   research   activities   and   interfere   in   them   on   a   regular   basis. One   point   of   view   in   relation   to   this   issue   is   that   governments   should   impose   very   few   limitations   and   constraints   on   scientific   activities   leading   to   scientific   headway. I   completely   and   emphatically   concur   with   this   highly   controversial, contentious   and   divisive   point   of   view. In   the   developmental   section   of   this   hastily-arranged   essay, I   will   provide   and   expatiate   on   two   cogent, compelling   and   potent   reasons   and   a   couple   of   associated   points   in   order   to   cast   light   on   and   explain   my   stance   vis-à-vis   the   foregoing   perspective.
As   pointed   out   unequivocally   and   transparently   in   the   preceding   paragraph, I   go   along   with   the   point   of   view   under   discussion. There   are   two   enormously   significant   and   compelling   reasons   buttressing   my   viewpoint. First, as   epistemologists   have   noted   time   and   again, the   very   nature   of   knowledge   is   such   that   it   cannot   grow   and   flourish   adequately   in   restrictive   and   closed   settings. In   fact, as   epistemologists   have   suggested, human   knowledge   gets   stunted   and   hamstrung   if   political, governmental, financial, religious   and   ethical   restrictions   are   imposed   on   it   by   different   individuals   and   organizations. In   Cuba, for   instance, there   has   been   a   trickle   of   scientific   progress   in   different   domains   since   the   catastrophic   revolution   of   Communist   fighters   and   the   imposition   of   Communist   restrictions   on   science. Second, I   firmly   and   unshakably   believe   that   governments   and   other   powerful   political   institutions   should   not   interfere   in   any   scientific   activity   and   deal   with   the   affairs   and   issues   which   are   within   their   remit   of   power. In   fact, I   regard   governments   as...


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